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Khamis, Julai 31, 2008

Super Mario 64 Gameshark Codes!

Super Mario 64 Gameshark Codes

Glitched Sky

This code basically messes up the sky. Don't worry, this code doesn't make your game crash but it is fun to look at.

8133B429 9910

There's this other code that matches with the one above, I won't tell you, you will have to see it for yourself.

8133B424 2525

Mario lays in ground...

8133B17C 2081

(i was just editing a code and this glitch happend from this code!!! It crashes the game but it is still WAY funny!

In order for this to work on the emulator, there is a certain way to enter the code and the way you enter it is
then so here are the codes:

(OSO) = outside only

Big Right Foot
8033B3BB 0090

Big Right Hand
8033B3BB 0010

Black and White Mario
8107EC40 FFFF
8107EC38 FFFF
8107EC42 FFFF
8107EC70 FFFF
8107EC72 FFFF
8107EC68 FFFF
8107EC20 0000
8107EC22 0000
8107EC28 0000
8107EC2A 0000
8107EC50 0000
8107EC52 0000
8107EC58 0000
8107EC5A 0000

Black Mario
8107EC40 0000
8107EC38 0000
8107EC3A 0000
8107EC42 0000
8107EC70 0000
8107EC72 0000
8107EC68 0000
8107EC6A 0000
8107EC20 0000
8107EC22 0000
8107EC28 0000
8107EC2A 0000
8107ECA0 0000
8107ECA2 0000
8107EC98 0000
8107EC9A 0000
8107EC80 0000
8107EC82 0000
8107EC88 0000
8107EC8A 0000
8107EC50 0000
8107EC52 0000
8107EC58 0000
8107EC5A 0000

Play as Bob-Omb (OSO)
D134B89E 0860
8134B89C 8019
D134B89E 0860
8134B89E 38FC

Bowser And Star World (inside castle only)
8133B424 1010

Eye World
8133B424 9908

Fire Mario
8107EC20 5000
8107EC22 0000
8107EC28 FF00
8107EC2A 0000
8107EC40 FFFF
8107EC38 5050
8107EC42 FF00
8107EC3A 5000

Forest Mario
8107EC40 00A1
8107EC42 0000
8107EC38 0000
8107EC3A 0000
8107EC20 0000
8107EC22 0000
8107EC28 C1A1
8107EC2A 0000
8107EC50 0000
8107EC52 0000
8107EC58 C1A1
8107EC5A 0000
8107EC70 00A1
8107EC72 0000
8107EC68 0000
8107EC6A 0000
8107EC80 0000
8107EC82 0000
8107EC88 C1A1
8107EC8A 0000
8107ECA0 00A1
8107ECA2 0000
8107EC98 0000
8107EC9A 0000

Gold Mario
8107EC38 000F
8107EC40 0300
8107EC40 F0FF

Koopa Shell (it's invisable but you cannot jump)
8133B17C 2081
8133B17E 0446

Make Mario Limbo When He Runs
8033B3BC 00C0

8107EC38 007F
8107EC40 00FF

Mini Mario
810F0890 3D80

Missing Left Hand
8033B3BB 0060

Moon Jump (hold L)
D033AFA1 0020
8133B1BC 4220
D033B1BD 0020
8133B17C 0300
D033B1BD 0020
8133B17E 0880

NES Luigi
8107EC40 0000
8107EC42 0000
8107EC38 FFFF
8107EC3A FF00
8107EC20 007F
8107EC22 0000
8107EC28 0000
8107EC2A 0000
8107EC70 0000
8107EC72 0000
8107EC68 007F
8107EC6A 0000
8107EC50 FFAA
8107EC52 0000
8107EC58 0000
8107EC5A 0000
8107EC80 FFAA
8107EC82 0000
8107EC88 0000
8107EC8A 0000

Ommpa Loompa Mario
8107ECA0 0077
8107ECA2 0000
8107EC98 0077
8107EC9A 0000
8107EC40 FFFF
8107EC42 FF00
8107EC38 AAAA
8107EC3A AA00
8107EC20 8800
8107EC22 0000
8107EC28 AA00
8107EC2A 0000
8107EC50 AA44
8107EC52 0000
8107EC58 AA44
8107EC5A 0000
8107EC80 AA44
8107EC82 0000
8107EC88 AA44
8107EC8A 0000

Orange Sky
8133B425 9999

Picture World
8133B424 9910

Play as a Bunny (OSO)
D134B89E 0860
8134B89C 8019
D134B89E 0860
8134B89E 51AC

Play As A Goomba (OSO)
D134B89E 0860
8134B89C 8019
D134B89E 0860
8134B89E 36AC

Play As A ShyGuy (OSO)
D134B89E 0860
8134B89C 8019
D134B89E 0860
8134B89E 3E80

Play As a Sign (OSO)
8133B4D6 8C4C

Reverse Colors Mario
8107EC42 FF00
8107EC3A AA00
8107EC40 0000
8107EC38 0000
8107EC20 AA00
8107EC22 0000
8107EC28 FF00
8107EC2A 0000

Run Backwards (upside down and backwards)
8033B3BC 0080

Silver Boots
8107EC73 AAAD

Sleep (press GS button)
8833B189 0003

Play as a Star
8133B4D6 8B9C

8107EC40 800F
8107EC38 BB00
8107EC38 800F
8107EC3A BB00
8107EC20 0000
8107EC22 0000
8107EC28 0000
8107EC2A 0000

8107EC40 FFFF
8107EC38 5050
8107EC20 AA05
8107EC20 9900
8107EC28 3000
8107EC2A 9930

White Mario
8107EC40 FFFF
8107EC38 FFFF
8107EC42 FFFF
8107EC70 FFFF
8107EC72 FFFF
8107EC68 FFFF
8107EC20 FFFF
8107EC22 FFFF
8107EC28 FFFF
8107EC98 FFFF
8107EC80 FFFF
8107EC82 FFFF
8107EC88 FFFF
8107EC50 FFFF
8107EC52 FFFF
8107EC58 FFFF

D134B89E 0860
8134B89C 8019
D134B89E 0860
8134B89E 4E28

8133AFA3 0095
8133BO54 0095
A132C55B 2564

"Sound ""led"" Display"

Half Mario

Limbo Mario

Mario Runs Backwards

Remove Mario's Cap

Unlimited Energy/Breath

Unlimited Lives

Level Select

Monsters Don't Hurt Mario

Press GS Button For 99 Coins

Walk Up Hills a1253dac000

Debug Mode

Invisible Mario

Please enter in the form of: code - effect

Press gs button for 99 coins

8933B218 0063

go into any level and press the GS button (it is the button on your gameshark On the right hand side)

1st you open your cartrage and remove the chip in the bottom left corner and put it on the top of the chip in the bottom right corner. This well let you have yoshie forever.

Have all stars:

8120770C FFFF

8120770E FFFF

81207710 FFFF

81207712 FFFF

81207714 FFFF

81207716 FFFF

81207718 FFFF

8120771A FFFF

8120771C FFFF

8120771E FFFF

81207720 FFFF

81207722 FFFF

81207724 FFFF

Why do u need it? Just use the cheats function of Project 64. If your version of it doesn't have it yet, download a later version. Anyway here they are...

A032C96B DDD4 NES Sound
A432C62B 0666 Strobe Light Mode
8033B189 0002 Fast Butt Stomp
8833B189 0003 Press GS Button For Mario To Fall Asleep
A11C0555 5555 Wired Trees, Can Walk Through
A11C05CA 0000 Clumsy Mario
A11C051A FFFF Walk Through Hills
A032C587 AAAA Most Glitchiest Code
8133B425 450C Star Like World
A13255D7 0001 Geek Mario
A132D5D8 0001 Frame by Frame animation
A032C596 AAAA Melting Mario
A432C55B BBB0 Neon Mario
8133B1BD 0005 Sinking Jump
8133B226 0001 Mario Can't Use Hats
B432C551 9999 Old-Fashioned Mario/Some Surroundings
A432C49D 9999 Mario's On Drugs Mode
A432C69D 9999 Mario Flashes A Bit/Moving Camera Around Can Change
Day Into Night

8132CCDE FFBA Static Sound
8133B032 56AB Earthquake
8132C045 FAA9 Worst Cutted World
8132C459 9662 Strange Sky
8333B19C 4044 Weird Slide Attack
8333B19C 8088 Weird Slide Attack #2
8980A799 B910 Press GS Button For 104 Coins (After Every Two Blue
Coins You Get One More Coin)

8133B261 0001 Reverse Power Display/Always 1 Life When Paused
8133B262 0001 Reverse Power Display/Always 1 Coin
A11C0135 1111 Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Even Bigger Cap
A11C0145 1111 Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Party Hat
A11C0125 1111 Bob-omb's "Cap" Is Now A Spike
A11C0070 1111 Bob-ombs Lack A Body & Eyes
A11C0105 1111 Bob-ombs Have Stretched-Sideways Feet
A11C0552 FFFF "Martian" Trees
A11C055F FFFF Invisible Trees
A11C053C 1111 Termites Have Been Eating The Trees Away/Invisible Walls #2
A832540A 0001 Press GS Button For A Very Close Camera
A11C0591 1111 (Outside Castle) Brownish "Alien" Trees/New Stone
Texture Infront Of Door/No Trees/Invisible Walls In Bob-omb Battlefield

A332CAAA 00FF Mario & Music Sounds Like 80's Sound Effects
A032B7BD 0060 Everything Is Very Up-Close To You
A432C4E4 000E Rainbow World
8033B220 FFFF Mario Is Up To His Torso Into The Ground
8033B220 0001 Mario Floats Above The Ground
8133B1C5 FFFF Super-Walk Mario
8033B21E 0001 Always Tired/Die Hard Mario
8033B224 FFFF Mario Can Barely Do Anything
8033B224 0001 Short/Low Jumping Mario
A032C518 00FF Distortovision - The Castle Is Falling Apart
E032C42D FFFF Distortovision - Moving Ground
8033B3B8 00FF Shaky Shadows
8033B3B4 00FF Funky Hat
8033B3B0 00FF Funky Hands
8133B205 0001 Camera Stays In Weird Places
8133B17A 0008 Star-Glitter Effect
8133B196 0070 Flashing Invincible Mario
8133B1C5 0010 Go Nowhere Fast
8133B1C5 FFFF Rocket Mario
8133B1BD 0000 Hover Mario
8133B1BD FFFF Super Mega Jump
E032C1D1 1111 Lego/Bloated Mario
E032C1F1 1111 Really, Really, Tiny Title Screen (May Freeze)
E032C1A1 1111 Lots Of Graphics Missing/Changed View In Cannons Are
Completely Black/Cool Trees/Messed-Up Text & Lifebar

8833B21E FFFF Press GS Button To Kill Mario
8133B25F 0001 Reverse Power Meter
A032D54C 0001 Machine Gun Sound Mode
A032D548 0001 Locust Sound Mode
A032D524 0001 Chunk/Freeze Opening
A032D51C 0001 Time-Bomb Ticking
A1253DAC 0000 Walk Up Hills
A032B60F 0001 Stripe Land
A032B61B 0001 Striped Screen
A032B61E 0001 Cool Red Pattern/Picasso Sky
8133B267 0001 Cool Power Meter
A432C62B 0001 Slightly Darker Game
8033B218 FFFF Can't Get Coins
8033B425 0002 Blinds/Disco/Carpet World
8033B425 0001 White/Disco World
8033B21A FFFF Have "M13" Stars
8033B17A 0080 Sandio
8033B17A 0040 Splashio
8033B17A 0020 Leafio
8033B17A 0008 Smokio
8033B17A 0002 Snowio
8033B221 0001 Stuck-In-The-Ground Mario
8133B25F 0001 Reverse Power Meter
8133B425 7915 "He Is Looking At You"
8133B424 9908 Mario World
8133B424 9910 Picture World
8133B424 9919 Pencil World
8933B218 0063 GS Button For 99 Coins
8033B21D 0064 Infinite Lives
8133B21E 08FF Infinite Energy/Breath
A032D58C 0001 Level Select
A032D598 0001 Debug Mode
A032D594 0001 Sound Display
8133B226 FFFF Infinite Hat Usage
803325F4 0001 No Power Display
8033B220 0020 I nvisible Mario
8033B221 0000 Half Mario
8033B3BC 00C0 Limbo Mario
A11C050C 0001 "Super Man" Mario
A11C050A 0001 Gain Access To Cannon
A032C545 1111 (In Intro) Blue-Black Mario/Black Mario In-Game
A032C0EE 2222 Multi-Colored & Flashing Mario + Surroundings
A032C0EF 1111 Even More Multi-Colored & Flashing Mario + Surroundings
E032C1DF DDDD Almost Everything Moves When You Do
E032C1DD DDDD Really Strange Graphics/Effects
A032C59F 3333 Multi-Colored Flashing Mario
A032C0B5 1111 70's Mode
A032C0AE 1111 70's Mode #2
A032C0B4 1111 70's Mode #3
A032C0B6 1111 Different 70's Mario
A032C0AC 1111 Cross-Eyed Mario
A032C055 BBBB Insane Mario & Surroundings
A032C09F 1111 Disco Effect Between Screens/Slightly Disco World
A032C004 1111 Messed-Up World With Mario In Love
A032C054 1111 Strange Graphics With Devil Mario
A032C55C 1111 Really Cool-Looking Mario & Surroundings
A432C173 00FF Mario Being Played On The PC
8033B3BC 0080 Mario Runs Backwards

A1254A42 0000 Mario Gets Cap Back
A1254A40 0000

E032C16E 1B1B Earthquake World
E032C16B B1B1

203577BA BAAE
20361550 8888 Distortovision - LegoLand
2032C640 0407

A1253DAC 0000
A1253DAE 0000 Walk Up Hills + Fun Effects
A1253DB0 0000
A1253DB2 0000

A1254A30 0000 Remove Mario's Cap
A1254A32 0000

A125460C 240B
A125460E FFFF
A1254610 A54B Monsters Don't Hurt Mario
A1254612 0026
A1254614 1000
A1254616 000C

A1248154 0000 Super Fast Game
A1248156 0000

8033B3BB 0010 Super Big Right Hand
8033B3BB 0090 Super Big Right Foot
8033B3BB 0050 Growing/Shrinking Left Fist
8033B3BC 0050 Mario Runs Bent Over
8033B054 0095 Strobe Mario
8033B222 0020 Quick Deaths
8033B0BB 00B0 Mario Missing Foot
8033B224 00A0 Heavy/Short Mario
8033B3BB 0060 Missing Left Hand

Some of the following codes were repeted because Mario looks differant when having the cap.

8133B176 0025 Metal Mario
8133B176 0035 Metal Mario
8133B176 0028 Flying Mario
8133B176 0038 Flying Mario
8133B176 0022 Invisible Mario
8133B176 0032 Invisible Mario
8133B176 0000 Can't Use Caps
8133B176 0008 Mario Flys Without Wing Cap
8133B176 0081 Regular Mario Invisible
8133B176 0085 Metal Mario Invisible
8133B176 0088 Flying Mario Invisible
8133B176 008E Flying Metal Mario Invisible
8133B176 003C Flying Metal Mario
8133B176 0031 Regular Mario
8133B1BD 0010 Mega Jump
8133B1BD FFFF Super Mega Jump
8133B1BD 0000 Hover Mario
8133B1C5 FFFF Rocket Mario
8133B1C5 FFDD Slower Rocket Mario
8133B1C5 0010 Go Nowhere Fast
8133B1C5 00F0 Sliding Mario
8133B196 0070 Flashing Invincible Mario
8133B17A 0008 Star-Glitter Effect
8133AFAA 0070 Mario Keeps Running To Upper-Left Hand Corner
8133B18F 0001 Can't Enter Doors
8133B18F FFFF Doors Lead Where You Started
8133B18F 5555 Doors Enter Opposites
8133B1E1 FFFF Stage Drop
8933B21A 0078 Press GS For 120 Stars
8133B424 0000 Flashing Stripes World
8133B424 1111 Cloud World
8133B424 2222 Disco World
8133B424 3333 Tech World
8133B424 4444 Dark World
8133B424 7927 Green World

8033B174 5111 Multi Voices/Things Disapear
8134B174 BBCF

8133B17A AABE Smoke/Star Mario
8133B427 0050 Stripes Of Grey
8133B426 FFFF Black Rainbow World
8133B426 00FF Blouck World
8133B427 0099 World Of Many Colors
8133B424 0011 Cloud World
8133B427 0044 White Screen Birds
8133B424 00xx Black World
8133B17A 90BE Star Mario
8133B17D AAAA Mario Laying On The Ground
8033B426 D968 Broken TV World
8133B170 CCCC Invisible When Sliding
8133B176 0000 Can't Use Caps
8133B174 0000 Weird Voice Effects
8133B178 FFFF Pigpen Mario
8133B17A FFFF Black Smoke Mario
8133B172 000F Mario Automaticlly Jumps
8133B17C 0000 Mario Lying Stuck In The Ground
8133B218 0FFF Maxed Out Coins
8133B1FA 0050 Press GS For Mario Dead
8133B1C5 1135 Slower Mario
8133B1C5 1111 Mario Gets Sucked Back
8133B424 6412 Water, Computer, Or Indian Art Worlds
8133B424 1264 I nk World
8933B21A 0079 Press GS For 121 Stars
A133B218 6666 Maxed Out 999 Coins

A432C55B BBBB Mario looks like Luigi (green tint)
8133B176 00xx Cap Modifier


00 No Caps
08 Flying Without CapStart With Caps
12 Invisible
15 Metal
18 Flying
1A Flying & Invisible
1C Flying & Metal
1E Flying, Metal & Invisble

Start With Caps in Hand

21 Regular Mario
22 Invisble
25 Metal
28 Flying
2A Flying & Invisble
2C Flying & Metal
2E Flying, Metal & Invisible

Start With Caps in Hand & One to Spare

31 Regular Mario
32 Invisble
35 Metal
38 Flying
3A Flying & Invisble
3C Flying & Metal
3E Flying, Metal & Invisible

True Invisibility Caps

81 Regular Mario
82 Invisble
85 Metal
88 Flying
8A Flying & Invisble
8C Flying & Metal
8E Flying, Metal & Invisible

E032C160 FFFF Proto-Type
E032C1a0 0000
E032C142 0001

E032C62E 0002 It's Getting Dark
E032C11F F50F Mario 16
A4324CC7 00FF Mario's Fly Trip
E032C60F 00EE lighting effect
A032C61F 00FF Candle Light
E032E60F 001E Shade on Mario's Face
A432E4E1 000f Mirror Funland
A432C4E4 000f Into the Rainbow
A11EE0A7 FFFF Mario has Hickups
A11EE0A7 000F Pitched Down Voice
A11A11C1 BBBB Mario has Wrinked Hat (INTRO ONLY)
A11EE0B0 000F Don't Speak
A11EE1A5 FFFF Dislove Sound Off
A11EE0B7 000F Water Sound Off
E032C42D FFFF Moving Ground
E032C16E FFFF Lego Mario

203577BA BAAE
20361550 8888 Screwy World
2032C6A0 0407
E032C142 6003

Codes to Have All 7 Stars

8020770C 00FF Bomb-Omb Battlefield
8020770D 00FF Whomp's Fortress
8020770E 00FF Jolly Roger Bay
8020770F 00FF Cool, Cool Mountain
80207710 00FF Big Boo's Haunt
80207711 00FF Hazy Maze Cave
80207712 00FF Lethal Lava Land
80207713 00FF Shifting Sand Land
80207714 00FF Dire, Dire Docks
80207715 00FF Snowman's Land
80207716 00FF Wet-Dry World
80207717 00FF Tall, Tall Mountain
80207718 00FF Tiny-Huge Island
80207719 00FF Tick Tock Clock
8020771A 00FF Rainbow Ride
8020771B 00FF 1st 7 Castle Secret Stars
8020771C 00FF 2nd 7 Castle Secret Stars
8020771D 00FF 3rd 7 Castle Secret Stars
8020771E 00FF 4th 7 Castle Secret Stars
8020771F 00FF 5th 7 Castle Secret Stars
80207720 00FF 6th 7 Castle Secret Stars
80207721 00FF 7th 7 Castle Secret Stars
80207722 00FF 8th 7 Castle Secret Stars
80207723 00FF 9th 7 Castle Secret Stars
80207724 00FF 10th 7 Castle Secret Stars

Maxed Out Coin Records Saved Per Stage

80207725 00FF Bomb-Omb Battlefield
80207726 00FF Whomp's Fortress
80207727 00FF Jolly Roger Bay
80207728 00FF Cool, Cool Mountain
80207729 00FF Big Boo's Haunt
8020772A 00FF Hazy Maze Cave
8020772B 00FF Lethal Lava Land
8020772C 00FF Shifting Sand Land
8020772D 00FF Dire, Dire Docks
8020772E 00FF Snowman's Land
8020772F 00FF Wet-Dry World
80207730 00FF Tall, Tall Mountain
80207731 00FF Tiny-Huge Island
80207732 00FF Tick Tock Clock
80207733 00FF Rainbow Ride

E032C62E 00FF Colors Come out of Mario
E032C4AE 0010 Streching World

A032C4B2 00B8
A032C4A2 1000 See Through World
A032C4A4 00F0
A032C4A6 1111

D033AFA1 0020 Press L Button to control Rocket Mario
8133B1C5 AABB

8133B1BD FFFF Glitched Jump

8133B176 FFFF Metal, Flying and Invisible Mario with Invisible, Metal
and Flying cap in hand

583254AA 0C00 Latiku New Camera Lens (Press GS button during Game Play)
583254AC C000

503254aa 0097 Latiku New Lens 2
58325403 0000 Latiku Mega Zoom (Press GS button to Activate)
5032540a 0013 Latiku Zoom Lens
50325404 0001 Play Upside Down
50325491 0097 Sillypuddy Mario Head (Intro)
E432C65B A101 Cartoon Mario
E432C55B A105 Burnt Mario
8133B1BD FFFF Jump High and Float Up
8133B176 0061 Electric Mario
8133B176 0068 Flying Electric Mario
8133B424 0009 Nausea World (Very odd tile set that will make you sick)
8133B4B2 0110 Pictures in Castle World (Self-Explanatory)

8133B4B2 1234 T.V. Snow World (That "snow" you see when you're trying
to watch a channel on T.V. you don't have)

8133B424 5324 Pain in the Eye World (This one will give you a headache if
you stare at it too long!)

EO32C222 2222 This code Makes it so you can see through walls without
having everthing be invisible (it is lines of ground and invisible)

8133B424 2323 Jello World
8133B424 1313 Area 51 World
8133B424 0F0F Crazy World
8133B424 1010 Bowser And Star World
8133B424 1212 Water World
8133B424 1414 Dalmatian World
8133B424 1515 Baseball World
8133B424 1616 Rainbow World 2
8133B424 1717 The Everything World
8133B424 1919 Pink World
8133B424 2020 Mixed Up World
8133B424 2121 Book World
8133B424 2424 Cord World
8133B424 2525 Glitched World
8133B424 1818 Sharkfin World
A432C55B BBBB Mario & Yoshi's Colors Become Like Wario & Boshi
8133B17A 2000 Leaf Glitter
8033B3BB 00BB Pegleg Mario

8133AFA3 0095
8133B054 0095 Dancing Mario
A132C55B 2564

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