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Khamis, 31 Julai 2008

Pokemon TCG Gameshark Codes And Cheats!

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon TCG Cheats

Look through your deck without reshuffling it

To do this, you must have a Trainer card in your hand that enables you to look through your deck, to pick a certain kind of card, and then reshuffle the deck. Use this card, and then, instead of selecting a card, press A+B+SEL+START all at the same time, once you are done looking at the deck. This will Soft Reset the system. Choose Continue Duel from the menu, and you will get back into the duel with the same cards you had before you used this code. If you used Computer Search or another card that takes cards from your hand to look through the deck, those cards will be back in your hand.

Get A Promo Lv.9 Slowpoke

Take 59 of your ENERGY cards and 1 basic pokemon and make a deck with them. Select the deck as your dueling deck. Then go talk to the boy in the Fire Club. He will ask you to give him all your unused ENERGY cards. Tell him Yes. If you tell him No, he will go away and not come back. Then you can't get the Slowpoke.

Infinite Energy Cards

If you are low on energy cards and need more, go back to Dr. Ooyama's lab. There fight Mikasa (The man you fought in the beginning) and fight him again, again, etc. getting 1 boosters full of energy cards each time! Now you don't have to worry about if you don't have enough energy or not!

Free Booster Packs

Go to a computer in one of the gyms. Find the E-mail and open it. If you click on any of those E-mails, You'll get a booster pack every time!

Get Charizard

After you start a new game and beat your instructor, talk to Dr. Mason and ask him to build you a Charmander and Friends deck. He'll put a Charizard into it.

Gameshark Codes For Pokemon TCG Gameboy Colour

Here's the codes for all Promo cards (including the legendary cards) as the
11th card on every pack:


#P01 Pokemon League Edition Arcanine => 013700C4
#P02 Legendary Moltres => 014000C4
#P03 Legendary Articuno => 015F00C4
#P04 Ivy Pikachu => 016200C4
#P05 Jumping Pikachu => 016300C4
#P06 Flying Pikachu => 016400C4
#P07 Surfing Pikachu => 016500C4
#P08 Mt. Fuji Surfing Pikachu => 016600C4
#P09 Movie Electabuzz => 017000C4
#P10 Legendary Zapdos => 017600C4
#P11 Slowpoke => 019100C4
#P12 Movie Mewtwo => 019E00C4
#P13 Video Mewtwo => 019F00C4
#P14 Lilypad Mew => 01A000C4
#P15 Pokemon 1st Movie CD Jigglypuff => 01AD00C4
#P16 Legendary Dragonite => 013700C4
#P17 Trainer: Imakuni? => 01C800C4
#P18 Trainer: Super Energy Retrieval => 01CE00C4
#PXX Card Pop: Pokemon TCG Guide Venusuar
#PXX Card pop: Illusion Mew

I hacked a code that modifies the first card in a booster pack. So, whenever you receive a booster pack, the top card will be the one designated. You can even use this for the Phantom Cards (03 and A1):


The code is: 01??00C4

Also, for infinite booster packs in the mail, enter these codes:

Get infinite any booster pack in PC:


01811ED1 colosseum
01851FD1 evolution
018420D1 mystery
018221D1 laboratory

Choose cards in booster pack:

01??00C4 first slot
01??01C4 second slot
01??02C4 third slot
01??03C4 fourth slot
01??04C4 fifth slot
01??05C4 sixth slot
01??06C4 seventh slot
01??07C4 eighth slot
01??08C4 ninth slot
01??09C4 tenth slot

If you don't like to battle, and want to win easily, use this code:



This code makes your opponent's active Pokemon faint if you attack them or
they attack you. =)

I have another gameshark code for Pokemon TCG.


Modify 1st card in a booster pack:

Substitute the xx for #'s like you did for the code to
add a card.

Alright, here's a nice little cheat for you. =)


For infinite booster packs in the mail, use the codes:

To modify the first card in a booster pack (actually it just adds an
extra card, you still get the rares ;) use
This works like the pokemon codes for red blue and yellow. Replace the
XX's with the code for any card. The codes go in the same order as the
card list in the deck building menu, starting with energy.

Code list:

01 Grass Energy
02 Fire Energy
03 Water Energy
04 Lightning Energy
05 Fighting Energy
06 Psycic Energy
07 Double Colorless Energy

08 Bulbasaur
09 Ivysaur
0A Card Pop Venusaur
0B Venusaur
0C Caterpie...

It continues in the same pattern, I'm not sure how far it goes. For a
Card Pop Mew, use A1 as the modifier digits. -Te'nala

Here is the list that Te'nala didn't include when using his booster pack
modification code.

* 01 Grass Energy
02 Fire Energy
03 Water Energy
04 Lightning Energy
05 Fighting Energy
06 Psychic Energy
07 Double Colorless Energy
08 Bulbasaur L13
09 Ivysaur L20
0A GB Venusaur L64
0B Venusaur L67
0C Caterpie L13
0D Metapod L21
0E Butterfree L28
0F Weedle L12
10 Kakuna L23
11 Beedrill L32
12 Ekans L10
13 Arbok L27
14 Nidoran(F) L13
15 Nidorina L24
16 Nidoqueen L43
17 Nidoran(M) L20
18 Nidorino L25
19 Nidoking L48
1A Zubat L10
1B Golbat L29
1C Oddish L8
1D Gloom L22
1E Vileplume L35
1F Paras L8
20 Parasect L28
21 Venonat L12
22 Venomoth L28
23 Bellsprout L11
24 Weepinbell L20
25 Victreebel L42
26 Grimer L17
27 Muk L34
28 Exeggcute L14
29 Exeggutor L35
2A Koffing L13
2B Weezing L27
2C Tangela L8
2D GB Tangela L12
2E Scyther L25
2F Pinsir L24
30 Charmander L10
31 Charmeleon L32
32 Charizard L76
33 Vulpix L11
34 Ninetales L32
35 GB Ninetales L35
36 Growlithe L10
37 Arcanine L34
38 GB Arcanine L45
39 Ponyta L10
3A Rapidash L33
3B Magmar L24
3C Magmar L31
3D GB Flareon L22
3E Flareon L28
3F Moltres L35
40 GB Moltres L37
41 Squirtle L8
42 Wartortle L22
43 Blastoise L52
44 Psyduck L15
45 Golduck L27
46 Poliwag L13
47 Poliwhirl L28
48 Poliwrath L48
49 Tentacool L10
4A Tentacruel L21
4B Seel L12
4C Dewgong L42
4D Shellder L8
4E Cloyster L25
4F Krabby L20
50 Kingler L27
51 Horsea L19
52 Seadra L23
53 Goldeen L12
54 Seaking L28
55 Staryu L15
56 Starmie L28
57 Magikarp L8
58 Gyarados L41
59 Lapras L31
5A Vaporeon L29
5B Vaporeon L42
5C Omanyte L19
5D Omastar L32
5E Articuno L35
5F GB Articuno L37
60 Pikachu L12
61 Pikachu L14
62 Pikachu L16
63 Pikachu L16
(No. This is not a double print. This one is jumping through the air.)

64 Flying Pikachu L12
65 Surfing Pikachu L13
66 Surfing Pikachu L13
(Yes. This looks like the same card to me.)

67 Raichu L40
68 Raichu L45
69 Magnemite L13
6A GB Magnemite L15
6B Magneton L28
6C Magneton L35
6D Voltorb L10
6E GB Electrode L35
6F Electrode L42
70 Electabuzz L20
71 Electabuzz L35
72 GB Jolteon L22
73 Jolteon L29
74 Zapdos L40
75 Zapdos L64
76 GB Zapdos L68
77 Sandshrew L12
78 Sandslash L33
79 Diglett L8
7A Dugtrio L36
7B Mankey L7
7C Primeape L35
7D Machop L20
7E Machoke L40
7F Machamp L67
80 Geodude L16
81 Graveller L29
82 Golem L36
83 Onix L12
84 Cubone L13
85 Marowak L26
86 GB Marowak L32
87 Hitmonlee L30
88 Hitmonchan L33
89 Rhyhorn L18
8A Rhydon L48
8B Kabuto L9
8C Kabutops L30
8D Aerodactyl L28
8E Abra L10
8F Kadabra L38
90 Alakazam L42
91 Slowpoke L9
92 Slowpoke L18
93 Slowbro L26
94 Gastly L8
95 Gastly L17
96 Haunter L17
97 Haunter L22
98 Gengar L38
99 Drowzee L12
9A Hypno L36
9B Mr. Mime L28
9C Jynx L23
9D Mewtwo L53
9E Mewtwo L60
9F Mewtwo L60
(Again, it looks like a double, but the latter has a fiery aura around it.)

A0 Mew L8
A1 GB Mew L15
A2 Mew L23
A3 Pidgey L8
A4 Pidgeotto L36
A5 GB Pidgeot L38
A6 Pidgeot L40
A7 Rattata L9
A8 Raticate L41
A9 Spearow L13
AA Fearow L27
AB Clefairy L14
AC Clefable L34
AD Jigglypuff L12
AE GB Jigglypuff L13
AF Jigglypuff L14
B0 Wigglytuff L36
B1 GB Meowth L14
B2 Meowth L15
B3 Persian L25
B4 Farfetche'd L20
B5 Doduo L10
B6 Dodrio L28
B7 Lickitung L26
B8 Chansey L55
B9 Kangaskhan L40
BA Tauros L32
BB GB Ditto L19
BC Eevee L12
BD Porygon L12
BE Snorlax L20
BF Dratini L10
C0 Dragonair L33
C1 GB Dragonite L41
C2 Dragonite L45
C3 Professor Oak
C4 Imposter Professor Oak
C5 Bill
C6 Mr. Fuji
C7 Lass
C8 Imakuni?
C9 Pokemon Trader
CA Pokemon Breeder
CB Clefairy Doll
CC Mysterious Fossil
CD Energy Retrieval
CE Super Enerergy Retrieval
CF Energy Search
D0 Energy Removal
D1 Super Energy Removal
D2 Switch
D3 Pokemon Center
D4 Poke Ball
D5 Scoop Up
D6 Computer Search
D7 Pokedex
D8 PlusPower
D9 Defender
DA Item Finder
DB Gust of Wind
DC Devolution Spray
DD Potion
DE Super Potion
DF Full Heal
E0 Revive
E1 Maintenance
E2 Pokemon Flute
E3 Gambler
E4 Recycle

Hope this helps you win your battles. My suggestion is to go to the Prof's
Lab with Te'nala's Infinte Boosters Codes, and then go to the computer and
keep reading the mail that is there until you get as many of the card that
you are looking for that you want.


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